2013 Farmer’s Faire is Live

The 2013 Farmer’s Faire is now live, and as promised, bounders tokens are now easier to come by. In fact, you get a bag just for showing up and talking to the first NPC! Sapience posted a short but sweet update in the forums:

The Farmer’s Faire is here!

So there you have it.

Here is a link to Casually Strolling Through MMO’s 2013 Farmer’s Faire Guide. Special thanks to Goldenstar for staying up late to update her amazing guide! Happy Farming!

Braxwolf Stormchaser

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  1. Avatar of shipwreck

    And I haven’t even started the Bounder Bounty thing!

    Time get back in the game, ship.

  2. Avatar of Andang

    Thanks for the report Brax!

  3. Nimrodelian /

    The Bounders Token’s being attached to quests was a really good idea by them to get people involved with it. Even small servers like Nimrodel saw quite a bit more activity than usual.

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