LOTRO Store Sales 01/03/14 – 01/09/14

Free sample of the week

1 Free Store Exclusive Cosmetic
Use Coupon Code FINE7 1/Account
*Includes Rank 15/16 virtues!

25% Off
395 296
Character → Character Upgrades → Virtues
Drac’s take – Meh, if you have alot of TP to spend, I guess you could skip the grind and get these.. but I’d really just grind them, though I”m stingy with my TP :)
Virtue Bundles

25% Off
1400-2500 1050-1875
Character → Virtues
Drac’s take – Again. I’d skip this, but it’s your personal call..
Trait Slots


25% Off
95-195 71-146
Character → Character Upgrades → Trait Slots
Drac’s take – FREE TO VIP! if your a F2P or Premium would not be a bad idea to open more of these
Skill & Slayer Deed Boosts

25% Off
550-2500 412-1875
Buffs & Services → Advancement
Drac’s take – These are always good to have.. make that grind a bit easier!
New steed in the store – The Steed of the Snow Beast – 1995
Whiteberry from Tales Of Arda has a nice shot of this steed up (along with the warsteed cosmetic)

LOTRO Store Sales 01/03/14 - 01/09/14 What are you buying?

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  1. Avatar of AnUnexpectedVidcast

    So nice infact that I just had to buy it :D

  2. Avatar of Tsu

    Any advice of what to get cosmetic wise with the free sample…the possibilities are endless…?

    • Avatar of AnUnexpectedVidcast

      I picked up the Carpenters robe. I purchased it over on Landroval before, but wanted to add it to my Laurelin wardrobe.

    • Avatar of Zyngor

      From what I saw, it works as a 295TP coupon on any of the items in the store exclusive cosmetic section. This excludes the full armor set of that forochel armor, and the dwarf-only bare-chested cosmetic.

      If you really can’t decide on a cosmetic clothing item, note that the emotes that fall under the store exclusive cosmetic section should also work (ie the three horse emotes, rock/paper/scissor, jazz hands, golf emotes, etc).

  3. Avatar of Tsu

    Thanks AnUnexpected and Zyngor…I have norrowed down my list…If you want and all LOTRO PLAYERS readers)you can help me choose: I created a poll for you guys on my blog


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